Terms and Conditions


  1. All items are described to the best of our knowledge. The buyer is responsible for confirming item's technical and electrical specs with manufacturer prior to purchase. MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT carries no responsibility for alterations, modifications and customizations made by item's previous owner/operator. As with all pre-owned equipment, it's not uncommon for the prior owner to alter equipment to fit the working environment or operators' style of work. The items being offered for sale by MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT are not factory refurbished nor re-manufactured and as such are not guaranteed to have original parts nor to be brought up to the original standards and specifications. Unless otherwise stated, all items sold are used and as such will have dents, scratches, chips, rust, discolorations and cracks. Props, tables, stands on which equipment is placed to be photographed, items in background and foreground are not included in the sale, unless specifically mentioned in the description. 
  2. All items sold are under FOB Shipping Point. The buyer is responsible for any additional shipping services, such as shipping insurance, residential address delivery, lift gate, etc. After freight is shipped, the buyer is responsible to follow shipping progress and coordinate delivery with carrier(s). Shipping time is 3-15 business days. Holidays, weekends, payment clearing time, packing/crating time are not included in the shipping time. Time of arrival (ETA) is ESTIMATED and depends on a number of factors, including carrier's schedule. Buyer is to coordinate delivery details directly with the freight carrier. Shipping to Canada: The buyer is responsible for providing seller w/ customs broker contact information and all paperwork required for shipping to Canada prior to shipping. Items are normally shipped within 2 business days of payment being cleared, unless otherwise stated. Allow additional time to crate larger and heavier items. All additional charges arising from the buyer not being able to accept or unload freight at the time of delivery are to be paid by the buyer. Shipping damages are covered by carriers only if freight insurance is purchased by the buyer prior to shipping as an additional charge. If freight arrives damaged, the buyer is to take following actions: a. Note damages with a delivery person. b. Take multiple, detailed pictures of the damaged item. c. Notify the carrier's Claim Department. d. File claim with shipping company within 48 hours.
  3. Customer pick-ups. A buyer has an option of picking up a purchased item in person to save on shipping and packing. Securing the load is the sole responsibility of the customer. MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT assumes no responsibility for loads secured by the buyer or someone acting on the behalf of the buyer. Bring appropriate means of securing your purchase. If required, palletizing, shrink-wrapping, strapping and crating can be provided for extra charge.
  4. Warranty: We offer 30 days “IN-HOUSE”  major parts warranty. Major Parts do not include accessories, cracked or discolored plastic covers, parts that are commonly changed due to normal wear and tear: belts, seals, covers, decals, etc. Warranty does not cover costs of labor. ANY WORK DONE ON A PURCHASED UNIT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED. The warranty starts the day the item is delivered or picked up by the buyer or someone on behalf of the buyer. The warranty will not apply when one of the following has met: a. over 30 days have passed after delivery or pick-up date. b. the item was altered or customized by buyer or someone on behalf of the buyer. c. on those rare occasions when we specifically and explicitly sell item as “as-is no warranty”.
  5. We offer 14 days money back guarantee that starts on the day the item is shipped or picked up by the buyer or someone on behalf of the buyer. Guarantee applies ONLY to items that do not match the description. We do not accept returns for any other reasons, including freight damage. Guarantee comes with the following conditions: a. Buyer is responsible for all repacking, shipping and insurance charges for returns. b. Buyer agrees to a 10% restocking fee. c. Item(s) must be returned in original condition. d. Items that were banded to a pallet, shrink-wrapped and crated must be returned in the same manner. e. Refund will be made on the item purchase price ONLY and does not include any shipping and handling charges. To return an item: contact MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT for a return authorization code; once return code is obtained, ship an item back. Allow 48 hours for inspection. Once approved, the refund will be issued. The delivery of items that are shipped back without MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT’S authorization and return code will not be accepted - The buyer will warrant all costs arising from delivery refusal.
  6. The buyer assumes all responsibility for installation of purchased items and training of operator(s). An operator should have experience working with the type of the unit purchased. If electrical hard-wiring or gas connection is required, the buyer should have LICENSED professionals to complete all electrical or gas connection work. The buyer assumes all responsibilities for safely handling, inspecting and verifying the operational quality of their purchases prior to putting them into service. The buyer expressly releases MEGA CHEF EQUIPMENT from any liability arising from the installation or operation of purchased item.